Baby (food) smoothie!

There is a lot to love about babies. The rolls and rolls of fat. The chunky cheeks. The wide, bright eyes that take in everything. The smiles. The giggles. The way they smell. Babies are charming.

But sometimes getting a baby to eat can be... a tab bit... well... frustrating.

My boy loves food! He loves to eat. He giggles when we he sees food. He loves it. But... sometimes when my little man is teething, has the sniffles or is just being an ill pill (which is pretty rare I have to say) feeding can be difficult.

My sister told me that her friend came up with a baby smoothie. Let me tell you, it has been a lifesaver. Those days when little bit doesn't want to eat or when we are in the car during what should be a meal time, I hand him a smoothie and he is happy as a clam.

I shared this with some friends on Facebook and a friend of mine said it was the only way she could calm her son down for a nap.

So here it is. So simple.


What you'll need:

2- 4 ounces breast milk or formula

2 tbsp oats or rice

2- 4 ounces baby food or unsweetened applesauce

Place all your ingredeints in a sippy cup or bottle and shake, shake, shake, shake, shake it. (Unless you're using breast milk, then stir it.)


Is it time to eat????

Gimme that smoothie, Mama!

Do you have any tricks or tips for feeind a baby?

For some really great baby feeding and baby food tips please visit Spoonfed Baby.


Five more Cheap Breakfasts on the Go

So yesterday we talked about some breakfast ideas we've shared right here on Five4FiveMeals.com.

Here are some more breakfast ideas, a few from here and some of my favorite blogs.

1. Breakfast burrito. Crystal over at Money Saving Mom has a great idea for freezable breakfast burrito. These are great to eat in the car when you have NO time. And they only cost around $.40 a serving. 

2. Chocolate banana baked oatmeal muffins. My husband hates oatmeal. But he loved this recipe. It is packed with fiber from the oats as well as minerals and vitamins from the banana and the flaxseed I add.

3. Homemade Oatmeal Packets. This is a great idea from the Frugal Girls. Grab some quick oats, some sweetener, your favorite dried fruits and nuts and throw them all in a ziplock bag.

4. No Bake Energy Bites. This is a super quick idea from Gimme Some Oven (don't you love that blog name?) that doesn't even require much effort. . Oatmeal, peanut butter, honey etc. etc. Just roll together and you're good to go.

5. Egg Baked in An Avocado. This one sounds strange, I know. But The Kitchn (that's how they spell it) has this great idea loaded with protein and Omega 3. You just crack the egg into the avocado half and bake! So easy!



Cheap Breakfast on the Go

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well at least that is what they tell us. But if you're like my sweet husband, you don't have a lot of time in the morning to get your breakfast together.

He gets up at O' Dark Thirty everyday. So we try to have all of his meals, including breakfast, packed and ready to go. I want to make sure his breakfast is healthy and packed with protein.

SO here are some ideas for cheap and easy breakfasts you can make ahead and eat on the go. 

1. Egg in the basket. This is a very cheap idea. And one of our favorites on the weekend. (When we eat bread.) Cut a hole in the bread and fry an egg. That's it. I know, you already know this recipes. But did you know you can make it for $.13 to $.43 a serving depending on where you bought your ingredients or whether or not you add a cheese single?

2. Chocolate Banana Smoothie. This is a rich, delicious smoothie that can be made for less than $1 depending on if you use store bought yogurt or you make your own.

3. Hardboiled egg with bacon and cheese. This is my husband's favorite. (Or one of them.) He hard boils a few eggs, cuts them in half and places half a slice of bacon and a little cheese on each egg half. I personally HATE hardboiled eggs. But he loves them.


4. Super berry smoothie. This super smoothie has bananas, berries and avocados in it.


5. Biscuit egg cups. For about $.15 a serving you can make a little biscuit into a cup, fill it with eggs, cheese and sausage and then bake in the oven. So simple!




Do you have a quick and easy on the go breakfast idea? I want to hear it.



Pineapple Pork Loin in the slow cooker, yum yummm

Pork and pineapple. They are like a duo created by the gods. Seriously. What goes better than pineapple and pork. Maybe barbecue and pork? Potatoes and pork? Wait, looks like someone loves pork.

Since we are all about the crock pot round here I decided to make a dump and go recipe. (That sounds gross. It's not, I promise.)

SO here is the best pork loin recipe ever in three simple steps.

What you'll need:

1 - 2 lb pork loin

1 can crushed pineapple

Crock pot

Sear your pork loin on both sides and place in your crock pot.

Turn the slow cooker on low and cover the pork with your pineapple.

Cook for about six hours. It will be fall apart delicious.

For some great ideas this week check out Romance on a Dime's Take it On Tuesday.



Cowboy Chicken

SO I don't know about you, but school has started down here. It seems way too early and way too hot for these kids to be back in school.

I see the school bus roll by in the morning and I think how busy the school year gets. Even for those of us without school-aged children.

The fall will be packed with activities. So that's why I have been doing more crock pot cooking. Plus it's way too hot to turn on the oven. That kitchen gets like a sauna!

Last night I whopped up some Cowboy Chicken. It's got corn and black beans and garlic and lots of tomato-y goodness. Plus it's super simple. Crazy simple.

What you'll need:

2 large chicken breasts, cubed

1 15 ounce can black beans (I used 1/2 cup dried beans which comes to 1 1/2 cooked. SO MUCH CHEAPER!)

1 cup corn

1 can tomatoes

1/2 cup water or chicken stock

1/4 large onion diced

1 cloves minced garlic (or like a spoonful from the jar)

1 tablespoon cumin

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes

1/2 teaspoon paprika

Spray your crock pot if you want but you don't have to

Placed diced onions, garlic and beans in your slow cooker and give it a stir.

Then throw in your chopped chicken. Sprinkle with all your seasonings and spices.

Dump in your tomatoes and broth or water.

Cover and set on low.

About 20 minutes before serving throw in your corn.

You can garnish with cheese and sour cream. We served ours over rice.