Funfetti Valentine's Whoopie Pies 

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Valentine's Day is just a few days away! Honestly, I have never cared anything about Valentine's Day. But then I had kids and that changes EVERYTHING. Valentine's Day is now a time to make special crafts, wear cute outfits and make sweet desserts for my sweetie pies. 

I mean, look at my little Valentines! 

This past weekend we made "Funfettie Valentine's Whoopie Pies."

I am just going to throw this out there- these are the LEAST healthy thing I think I have ever made. They are loaded with sugar. But as Sesame Street reminds us, cookies are a sometimes food.

These whoopie pies are so easy to make, you make the cookie out of cake mix, but it's soft and moist. 

What you'll need:

One boxed Funfetti cake mix

2 eggs

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup oil

1 can frosting- I chose to use vanilla and flavor with strawberry Jello. 

Combine your cake mix, oil, eggs and baking powder. 

It will be thick- like cookie dough. 

Spoon your cookies out onto parchment paper or a greased cookie sheet. This should yield 24 cookies- to make 12 pies. 

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes at 350. 

I used just a can of vanilla icing and I added in a table spoon of strawberry Jello to give it color and flavor. 

Once your cookies have cooled, spoon your icing onto half your cookies. 

Top your cookie with another cookie! If you have sprinkles you can roll your cookie in the sprinkles for a little something extra. 

I chose Funfetti because they are colorful and fun- I mean fun is right there in the title! But you could use any combination. You could use plain, yellow cake mix and add chocolate chips. 

You could use chocolate cake mix and use cream cheese icing. The possibilities are endless. It's all about creating a rare treat. 

What kind of Valentine's Treats are you making? 




Zucchini and Summer Squash, oven fried goodness

Spring came early. Which concerns me. But it also means spring and summer crops are now available and since shopping in season is so important to save money and have a more sustainable plate, that makes me happy.

So summer squash and zuchini are plentiful in these parts. Since I do most of my produce shopping at the local farmer's market, that means they are a little cheaper now.

Last night we had burgers. And I wanted a good side dish that wasn't french fries. But seriously, what is a burger without french fries?

What about seasonal oven fries??? I have saved the day!

What you'll need:



about a cup of bread crumbs

1/4 grated parmesan

2 eggs

a paper bag

a greased cookie sheet

Preheat that oven to 425 and let's get started!

Wash your veggies and chop off the ends. Then cut each in half. The halves can then be cut in to four fries each. (Each vegetable will yield 16 fries.)

Dump the bread crumbs and parm in to a paper bag and shake.

In a bowl whisk your eggs.

Put your chopped vegetables in to your eggs and mix with your hands. Yes, use your hands. You can wash them later.

Then put the vegetables in the bag and shake, shake, shake.

Place the vegetables on your cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes. These are so good. If you can't eat "fries" without dipping them might I recommend a little Greek yogurt and ranch mix. Yummy!


Simple, Homemade Apple Sauce (In the Slow Cooker)

My Issie baby loves apple sauce. 

I would venture to say it's his favorite solid. Well that and peas, carrots, yogurt and sweet potatoes. Okay, so he likes ALL the solids. But he really loves apple sauce. 

Since I make (most) of his baby food I figured I should go ahead and learn to make apple sauce. And why not use my slow cooker while I was at it. 

It was so easy, I don't think I will ever go back to traditional apple sauce. 

What you'll need:

3 pounds peeled apples

1/2 cup water

And that's it!

Step 1, peel the apples

Step 2, add them to your slow cooker with 1/2 cup water. 

Turn the slow cooker on high for 3 hours or low for 6 hours. 

They will turn brown and become soft. 

You can then mash them with a fork for chunky apple sauce. 

- OR - 

Add them to your blender for a smooth apple sauce. 

And that is it! It is that easy!

What homemade staple have you made recently? 




Jittery Monkey- A Coffee Banana Smoothie

I love a good pick-me-up in the middle of the day. I love coffee and I love the sweet, creamy blend of a frappe. But I don't need all the sugar and calories. 


Since it's base is made with banana I like to call it a "jittery monkey." 

So I like to whip one up that has NO added sugar and NO heavy cream. 

What you'll need: 
1-2 frozen bananas
1/4 cup milk 
1/2 tbsp coco powder
1/2 cup coffee
blend until smooth



Simple Dinners- FAST! 



Sausage Pepper Bake. This recipe is so simple. It's insanity. Just bell peppers, onions, potatoes and sasauge. Bam! 


Roasted corn and tomato quinoa salad. I really love quinoa and not just because it's trendy. I love it because it's filling and healthy and loaded with protein. This recipe is loaded with sweetness and crunch. 


Sometimes it's hard to get everything on the table at the same time while it's still hot and good. 

That's why I LOVE one pan dishes like this chicken and roast vegetables. It's easy, quick to throw together and pretty healthy. 


These fantastic Easy Cheesy Pork chops only require three ingredients and minimal effort. 


Buffalo Chicken Enchiladas. I love chicken. I love enchiladas. But I do not enjoy enchilada sauce. If anyone has a brand or recipe they love, please let me know. 

So I thought I would take a popular chicken enchilada recipe and mix it up with my own ides. What is I replaced the enchilada sauce with buffalo sauce? Oh my! It is so good!

It's creamy and tangy, with just a hint of spice. 


Looking for the ultimate in comfort food that's fast? Try Creamy Sausage Stuffed Shells. You won't regret it. 


Tortellini with chicken sausage and edamame. This is my go to recipe. It requires little time and little effort and I can have it on the table in 20 minutes!

And it's so good my husband will ask me to make it. Just 4 ingredients! 

Ready in a Flash Stromboli. You know I am the biggest cheerleader for home cooked meals. But I am also a big fan of saving time. We're all busy, we are all pulled in a million different directions and no one has time to stand in their kitchen for an hour preparing dinner.

That's why I have become a HUGE fan of this ready in a flash stromboli. From prep to complete it took me less than 20 minutes!


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