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I can Teach my Child to Read ebook for just $1.99

My sister introduced me to the site "I Can Teach My Child" last year. Oh boy do I love this site. 

Jenae offers some great encouragement as well as pracitle advice on everything from free play learning to development to growth charts. 

I used her infant percerntile calculator religoulsy when little bits was an infant. 

Now that he is a little bit older we can start enjoying some of her other great ideas like this one- 12 Ways to Repurpose Household Items for Your Kids

Jenae has written a book "I Can Teach my Child to Read." I can tell already that this is going to be a great resrouce.

Right now, through Saturday, you can get it on Kindle or in a PDF for just $1.99

The best part is she was a teacher with her master's degree before becoming a Work At Home Mom.

Click here to visit I Can Teach My Child LLC.">

Here is what Amazon has to say:

What You Can Expect to Learn From This Book:

  • A balanced approach towards reading with comprehension and enjoyment as the ultimate goal.


  • The importance of reading aloud to your child even after she has become a proficient reader herself.


  • Tips for teaching your child to identify the letters of the alphabet within her environment.


  • Activities that promote literacy while incorporating multiple senses and areas of development. 


  • Comprehension strategies that ensure your child is remembering and retaining what she has read.


  • Simple phonemic awareness activities that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.


  • The necessity for teaching phonics and sight words.


  • Decoding strategies that will engage your child.


  • Tips on choosing "just right" books for your child to read independently.

Written by an award winning educator and mother of two, this book will leave you feeling equipped and empowered to begin teaching your child to read!

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