Child Safe Cleaning Wipes 

Since having my babies I have become more concerned about what's in my cleaning solutions...  (**Snickers at the idea that I actually clean my house.)

Sometimes I clean. I am working on it, okay. Especially now that I have a baby that puts everything in his mouth. 



Clean scratches on hardwood floors using... Mayonnaise 


We have gorgeous hardwood floors in the home where we currently live. And the owner of the home has gone to great lengths to keep them looking good for the past 60 years!

But, we are humans who have furniture, and lives and a baby. The floors gets scratched. 

But I found a simple way to clean these scratches and scuffs using a surprising ingredient. Mayonnaise! Click the video below for more. 


Peanut butter blondie 

Do you love peanut butter? Yeah, me too. What about chocolate? Mmmhmm. I see we are all in agreement. And cake? Are you a fan of cake too? Oh good, we can all be friends. 

Over the weekend I whipped up what I am calling a "Peanut Butter Blondie." No, it is in now way low-fat, low-calorie, or sugar free. So I reccomend you make these once a year. Also, after you read this post, just go eat a spinach salad. 


Cilantro Lime Shrimp Tacos 

It's spring and closing in on summer and where I live that means... shrimp! There is just something about Gulf Shrimp. Am I right? 


Slash your grocery bill and lean to meal plan

Meal planning has turned into an odd sort of "passion" for me. It's not that I am obsessed with planning menus, but I know that a meal plan can save you a lot of money over the course of a year. 

Even if it's something super basic like deciding on a Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday, meal planning can completely change the way you shop for groceries, manage your time and save you cash. 

But it can be overwhelming for unseasoned cooks and meal planners. 

So I have put together a short, yet informative class. 

The cost is just $5 and comes with a free copy of my ebook "The Poor Girl's Handbook to the Kitchen." 

This is a 45 minute course that can be taken at your own pace on your own time and is loaded with money saving tips, tricks, meal plans and tools. 

The cost of this class is just $5 before May 1. And I feel it is well worth the investment. 

Click here for more information or to register.