We paid off $36,000 in debt in two years. 

If I had to describe what it felt like to live with a pile of debt it would be this: like constantly wearing a backpack full of bricks. 

Could you breath with that on your back? Move freely? Rest peacefully? No. You couldn't. 

I know that it isn't polite to talk about money. But I am going to do that today, because I feel like telling our story will encourage some of you. 


Creating Special Memories on a Budget

We are headed into the Easter weekend, which for me is an incredible time of worship and reflection upon the what my Savior has done for me. 

It is also a time of family, food and fun. We all want to create memories with our families during special times like this. I want to encourage you that memory making doesn't have to be expensive, in fact it doesn't have to cost anything!


Easy Blue Cheesy Pulled Pork Taco

We love some pulled pork in this house. It really is the other white meat. The Senn family is not afraid of pork. And you shouldn't be either. (Said the granddaughter of a pig farmer.)

You will die for these pulled pork tacos. They are so easy you will laugh. And so good you will cry. 


Great finds while shopping at the dollar tree

Dollar Trees are popping up all over the country and giving larger stores a run for their money. I used to think that it was just a place to buy cheap plastic toys and candy. But the Dollar Tree has stepped up its game!


Cream cheese and pesto pizza

I love pizza, yes I do! I love pizza, how about you? I am not overly picky about where my pizza comes from. I just love it.

And this, my friends is my favorite. It's scrumptious, it's easy and on nights when it's hectic and busy and you're running to ALL those Christmas activities this is perfect.