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See our combo coop for quail and chicken


A few months back my husband had a brilliant idea. 

"Let's get quail," he said. 

"Sure," I said and we happily clapper our hands in giddiness. 

But the thing about plans in the House of Senn, they quickly spiral out of control and become something much, much larger. So instead of bringing home a few quail, we decided to throw in a few chickens too. 



Launch Day is here!!!! Free stuff for you and a happy day for me! 

It's launch day! I am so excited my new book Around the Table: Family-Friendly Meals in a Flash is here and ready on Kindle

In the coming weeks it will be available in other places and there will even be an affiliate program if you're intersted in selling it on your own site. 

Here is a breakdown of what you can expect: 

Not time to cook but desperate for a meal with your family? 

I know what you mean. Finding time to cook in the midst of this chaos we call life can feel overwhelming. 

I've put together some great recipes that are both time saving and cost effective and will have your family around the table enjoying time together. 

BUT WAIT, there's more!

Trade me a tweet and I will give you free stuff! 

Hit the icon below and tweet about the launch of the new book and you will get FIVE FREE Meal Planning printables. 


No Spend August: Are you up for the challenge? 

No Spend August is here! I warned you last week that it was coming. We are four days in and so far… wah, wah, waaaahhh… Just kidding.

We did spend some money over the weekend for some things that we did need. Ry needed new back to school shoes and we purchased them on Friday with a coupon during the tax free sale. 


New Book Coming! 


I have a new cookbook coming out next week! I am so excited. I had a really good response to the first one and I am hoping this one is just as well received. 

"Around the Table: Family-Friendly Meals in a Flash" features a ton of recipes that include everything from seafood to chicken, to pork to beef and are simple and delicious. They require little time and basic ingredients you already have at home. 

The book officially launches on Tuesday and there will be some fun and exciting things to go a long with it! 

The first thing is you can get a free copy of my first cookbook "The Poor Girl's Handbook to the Kitchen" and a free mealplannig ecourse by simply clicking HERE. It's my gift to you for all your support!

Come back next week and see what fun things are happening! 




#tBT: Top 10 kitchen disasters FIXED

Wednesday I bought a new measuring cup.
Then I accidentally melted it in the microwave. Sigh.

My grandmother once told me a really funny story about a time when she was young and a new cook. She made so much rice that in order to conceal her embarrassment from my grandfather, she buried the rice in the back yard.

Cooking disasters are not uncommon. They are much like the disasters that happen in our own lives, often when we are ill prepared it leads to an outcome that is unpleasant.