Prosciutto and Kale with Orzo 

Kale! Kale! Kale! It's not just for making chips and soup no one wants to eat. I was sure of that. I had half a bag of kale left over and since I am now living a waste not want not lifestyle I really didn't want it to go to waste.

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Do babies have to be expensive? NO!

Do babies have to be expensive? NO!

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Fall Family Fun To Do List (Free Printable) 

Fall is everyone's favorite season, right? I think it's because it appeals to all of our sense. We smell the baking apple crips, we hear the crunch of leaves, we feel the cooler weather... I could go on but I fear some of you would stop reading. 

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Meal Plan Monday Oct 6

Good morning. Do you have your coffee? You know I already had mine! And then there was that second cup and part of the third... 

We had such a fun and busy weekend carving pumpkins, checking out the new Goodwill in our area and visiting with my mother-in-law. But I am ready for a quiet (if not somewhat packed with things to do) week at home. 

Tally ho to the meal plan!! 

Monday- Meatless monday: Mushroom stuffed spaghetti squash. This is so simple and I will share it later on at some point. 

 Tuesday- Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoe, chicken and quinoa soup

Wednesday-  Utlimate Cornbread

Thursday- Rice and Bean Casserole 

Friday- Chili

What's on your meal plan?? 

Don't forget for meal planning tips and tools pick up a copy of The Poor Girl's Handbook to the Kitchen for just $2.99! It's loaded with tips, tricks, and recipes. 

For more great meal plans hop on over to Org Junkie

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What's on your meal plan this week?



DIY Upcycled thrift Store Frame

Note: This is a part in a multi-week series on frugal gift-giving ideas. 

Last week I took Issie out for some errands. One of those errands included Michael's. I could spend hours in that store. But my fussy toddler won't let me, which is find, I progably shouldn't spend hours in that store. 

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