Save time and money on toddlers and babies

I've only been a mom for 26 months. So I am not an expert. But I have written about what I have learned over the past two years. And I thought I would compile some of those ideas (links) in one post for you to reference. 


Setting savings goals and dealing with setbacks

Goals are important. Without them it's really hard to anchor our time. 

When we make a to do list, that's a goal. When we set out to lose weight with a number in mind, that's a goal. 


Meal Plan Monday July 14

Good morning! Good morning! 

I hope everyone is enjoying July. Look at that, it's almost halfway over. Can you beleive that? Why is it that the older we get the faster time moves. That just doesn't seem very fair, does it? 


Things we DIDN'T do to get out of debt 

I like to say that paying off our debt wasn't about what we did but what we didn't do. I thought I would share a few things we didn't do. 

1. We didn't move into the fanciest house. I have talked before about how much I dislike where we live. I have struggled with contentment here. It's an old house, we manually have to fill the dishwasher with water. We have to run a dehumidifier constantly and our laundry room isn't even in the house. But the rent here is easily $300 a month less than other houses of the same size. And those houses have no yards. And we love to play in the yard at this house. 


Homemade sensory board for curious little hands 

I live with two toddlers. That means four little curious hands. 20 little mischievous fingers. They want to touch, push, pull and turn everything. 

And that's okay. That's how humans learn. So learn away little ones. 

Jason and I made the boys this simple sensory board using items like a doorknob, hinges, locks, a light and a door stop.