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We have chickens!!! (And quail too!)

We now have chickens. We got four beautiful hens on Saturday and we got 10 quail, eight females and two males. 

This process has been a long time coming and I will talk about it more next week and Jason will even talk about how he built our coop from the ground up with his own two hands! 

But unitl then there is a preview:



A case for leftovers

I talk a lot on here about cooking with leftovers and reusing leftovers. I can say, I HEART Leftovers! 

Confession time, I have, in the past, struggled with leftovers.  I grew up in a very frugal home. Leftovers were the law and we ate them.

I realized when my husband and I committed to a frugal lifestyle, I had to make myself suck it up. I had to make myself cook enough for dinner and lunch the next day. And then one day it clicked.


My new favorite couponing app! 

Okay, so you have probably figured it out by now but... I LOVE SAVING MONEY!!! And as I have mentioned before, we live on a budget. And one of the few places where you have the most control over your budget is in the grocery department. 

The problem I have is that we buy a lot of fresh produce, milk and eggs. And there aren't many coupons for that. But then I learned about Checkout 51!



Q&A: Money, Toddlers and Life BEFORE a Budget

Last week I had a Q&A over on my YouTube channel. If you're not over there watching and interacting, you should be. We have a lot of fun hanging out together. 

I asked my viewers if they had any questions for me. Boy did they and here were my answers. 


No Spend August- Our Second Month-Long No Spending Challenge

A brand new month starts on the end of the week. I don't know why, but I love it when a new month starts on the weekend. It's like you don't have to process as much mental paperwork because it's the weekend. Maybe that's just sign 8,324 that I am strange. 

Starting Friday we are beggining another No Spend Month. For the month of August the Senn Family has committed to not spending money outside of our basic obligations.