Easy Handprint Tile Coasters

A few weeks ago we were visiting my mother-in-law when I noticed she didn't have any coasters. I decided to whip her up a few using some craft paint, tile and the cutest little artists in town. 


Day 1: Spring Clean your budget

It's April. It's Spring. Let's spring clean our budgets! Last month I wrote about how my husband and I finally became debt free

I told you how we got into debt and how by the grace of God we were able to dig our way out. I wanted to take April to share some tips with you on how we save money and some of the steps we took to rid ourselves of the oppressive weight of debt. 


cilantro Chicken Rice Bowl- healthy on the cheap

Cheap and healthy? Can they go hand in hand? Why yes, yes they can. This dish is beavy on the veggies and lean protrien. It is also light on the wallet, coming in at just $1.62 per serving! 


Avocado Lime Ranch Sauce

Have you ever wanted just a little something extra to go on your taco or black beans? Have you wanted something just a little more special to dip that quesadilla into before taking a bite? 

Me too. This weekend I made this delicous Avocado Lime Ranch Sauce.


One chicken, three meals, 12 servings, $12

"It's so expensive to feed a family." 

Yes, it really can be. But the easiest way is to cook and use ALL your leftovers. 

This week I made THREE meals totaling 12 servings for just $12!