Easy homemade baby food recipes

Issie is at such a fun age. He is trying to walk, he laughs at everything and he is having a great time trying new foods.

We save so much money making our own baby food!


Spring Clean Your Budget Day 3: Motherhood, Guilt and Money

Motherhood, guilt and money. Nothing will take you down faster than those three things. Separately they feel overwhelming but together they are the trifecta for creating feelings of failure. 


Managing a Toddler and a Newborn- the first few weeks home

It's been 10 plus months since we brought Issie home. And I wish I could say that I have it all together, that our days are super productive and organized and everyone is always happy and blissfully singing songs of joy. I am keeping it real. 


Spring Clean Your Budget Day 2: Where are you financial Priorities? 

Good morning! It's day two of "Spring Clean Your Budget!" Yesterday I talked about making a list of where your money is going.

Today I want to talk to you about priorities. Having a list of where your money is going, of where your spending your hard earned cash, is like a black and white picture of your priorities. Obviously you have to pay your mortgage or your rent. You have to put gas in your car, clothe your kids and feed your family. But where are some places you could cut back. 

Are you spending a lot on entertainment like going out to eat or on cable when your trying to pay off debt? Those are not bad things, but when you have a bigger goal in mind, those are places you might want to cut back. 

However, I know some of you have no where else to cut. Here is a great post about that from Money Saving Mom

Are there some places you can cut back?


Easy Handprint Tile Coasters

A few weeks ago we were visiting my mother-in-law when I noticed she didn't have any coasters. I decided to whip her up a few using some craft paint, tile and the cutest little artists in town.