How to get set in oil stains out of your clothes (using things you already have at home!)

Do you ever pull a clean shirt out of your dryer, slip it on and see an oil stain on it? It's infuriating! Where do these things come from?!?!

I have so many shirts ruined by oil stains. And I don't have that many shirts to begin with. So I knew I had to come up with a way to get rid of these stains for good.


How to save big using coupons at Target

Everyone loves Target. Come one, you know you love that place. You walk in with a list in mind and then see the dollar sections and lose it! $4,103.28 later you walk out. 

I kid. I kid. But it's still a favorite place to shop, I know. 

But it's also my favorite place to save! Target is really coupon friendly. They have several ways to save (and of course get you to spend). 


Fourth of July Desserts sure to please everyone! 

Independence Day is just three days away. And because it's on a Friday that means extra time with family, extra bbq's, extra time in the sun. 

And... extra dessert. Because really... come on... what did you think this was going to be about?

Here are four of the most popular desserts on this blog that I am sure you and your family and friends will love as you watch the fire works light up the July sky. 


DIY Wall Decals

Every day for the past 13 months I have walked into Issie's room and stared at a blank, boring wall. 

The walls in our (rental) house are stucco or wood paneling. Both are a decorating nightmare. And while I am not really a decoraitng type lady, I just couldn't stand the site of that horrid wall anymore. So I made some DIY wall decals. 

They cost me pennies and took me seconds. 


Meal Plan Monday 6-30-14 Hello JULY!

Hello beaitful people who read this blog. I hope everyone had a great weekend. After a long and somewhat stressful week I was happy to see the weekend come creaking in. 

Last week my husband and I volunteered to teach at our church VBS program. It was fun and exhausting and a blessing for both of us. I was happy we made the decision to teach and I was happy when Friday came and the week ended. And the weekend on a stressful note as Issie began running a HIGH fever Friday night. Scared the living day lights out of me.