It's Giveaway Time Six Ecourses for Six Winners!

It's time for a little giveaway. Today I am giving away six different  Ecourses  from six different bloggers to six different winners. 

To enter go to my YouTube page and watch the video. 



Homemade Enchilada Sauce

I don't think of myself as a food snob. In fact I have said time and time again that you won't find any "crazy sexy ingredients" here. We are all about simple, homemade meals that you can get on the table that are economical. That's my mission. Period. 

However, I don't like canned enchilada sauce. To me it's too runny and has a "tinny" flavor. In short, I think it looks like dirty water and tastes like a can. So there you go. 

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How to become a virtual assistant 

Note: This is the first in a series on how I make money online. Each Wednesday I will post about different ways I am earning an income on the internet from my own home. 

When I tell people I am a virtual assistant I usually get one of two questions: "what is a virtual assistant?" or "how do you do that?" 

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Roasted Orange Glazed Sweet Potatoes 

What does the idea of fall conjure up in you? Crunchy leaves? Pumpkin everything? 

For me it's sweet potatoes. But I get tired of the same old bakes sweet potatoes or sweet potato casseroles. (Don't get me started on putting marshmallows on a potato. I just don't understand it.)

Last week I got sweet potatoes at a really great price at my local farmer's market. I whipped up these glazed goodies to do with some chicken we were having. I thought I would share this with you. 

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Budgeting for Christmas

It is the first day of fall! So today we are going to talk about Budgeting For Christmas. Wait, what?? 

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