My five favorite slow cooker recipes

I have told you how much I love, love, love the crock-pot my sister gave me for Christmas last year. It's very special to my heart. 


Happy New Year

Happy New Year. 2013 was a blessed, intense, stressful, chaotic, wonderful, beautiful, joy-filled year. I was a little sad to see it in. 

2013 was the year Ry took his first steps. 

We had Ry's baby dedication. 

We welcomed Issie (forgive my foot in the background!). 

Ry started big boy school and started talking up a storm after months of therapy (more on that at another time). 

We celebrated a lot of milestones, first Christmases, first steps, first time rolling over, first holidays, first boo boos, first hair cuts. 

It has been an amazing year. 

Thank you Lord for all your blessings. 


Toddler-frindly mini pancakes 

Recently Jason made this really great, toddler-friendly version of his delicious pancakes. 


Alabama Gumbo 

Gumbo. It's such a fun word to say, but it's even more fun to eat. Each bite is bursting with flavor and variety. From the subtle spice of the sausage, to the succulent sweetness of the shrimp to the crunch of the celery. It's flavor on top of flavor with more flavor sprinkled in. 


Merry Christmas