The Waking Dad

Our sweet Issie still doesn't sleep through the night. And it's starting to wear on my sweet husband. 


Five Months Old 

My sweet Issie is five months old and boy have things changed!


Creamy Peanut Butter Apple Dip 

It's apple season!!! I love apples. I really do. I miss living in Northwest Georgia where apples are abundant. 

And now that Honey Crisps are in season... ahhhhhh!!!!

My sweet boy loves apples too. So I wanted to make a dip he could eat with his apples as a meal. 


I never considered myself a baker. It wasn't something I enjoyed doing, in fact it kind of stressed me out. Too much chemistry involved!

But then I realized, just like cooking, how therapeutic baking could be, especially when coming up with new recipes or new takes on old ideas. 

Have you ever put pudding in a cookie? Oh my goodness! It makes them so moist and delicious! Sunday afternoon I decided to do a little baking and came up with this little gem. It's a triple chocolate pudding cookie!


Toddler-Friendly Apple and Banana Muffins (video) 

My little guy loves bananas, apples and mini muffins. I decided to make him a delicious, healthy muffin with both bananas and apples. 

I thought that I would make a healthy snack that he could take to nursery school or eat for breakfast. These are a great, super healthy, toddler friendly snack or meal.