Tools I love for toddler feeding

So I wanted to share with you a few things I've found to make toddler feeding a little easier. 

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5- Minute Shadow Box and four more shadow boxes to inspire you

I am not a crafty person. I don't sew. I am not a good decorator. I don't have the patience to commit long-term to crafting projects. 

I get on Pinterest and I see all of these great craft projects and I get insanely jealous. But crafting just isn't one of my talents. 

However, with a new baby boy coming I have felt the need to do some creative things for his nursery and circle back to do some things for my sweet big baby's current room. 

So I am bringing you "Crafting in 15 For the Non-Crafty." It's short little crafting ideas that you can do even if you're crafting challanged. 

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The Many Lives of a Baking Hen

A whole chicken is possibly the best value in the super market. People reach for the boneless skinless chicken breasts. But you’re paying a premium for something you can make one, possibly two meals out of.

Why not spend around $5 - $7 to buy a WHOLE chicken instead of paying $3 a pound for part of a chicken?

Well here are seven meals you make from purchasing just two whole chickens! 


Gearing up for Garden

We are gearing up at out house to get our organic vegetable garden together and boy am I psyched.

I chose to take on the task of organic gardening because each year I try a vegetable garden and fail miserably. But, I am hoping to get a little help from the world’s largest garden community. Plus my husband built me a sweet raised bed garden last year and made me a rain barrel. 

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Meal Plan Monday 4-22-13

It's Monday, Monday. Everybody loves Monday... wait. They don't? Hmm... It's a beautiful Monday morning in South Alabama, perfect after a beautiful weekend. 

Saturday we went to a farm festival. This is my Mama, my baby and my GDaddy. 

Sunday we joined our church after more than six months of "visiting." 

Then we took baby to the beach. 

Jason tried to fish... but this is all he caught. 

But let's move on to MPM!

Monday: Sausage Pepper Bake . I love this easy recipe!

Tuesday: Chicken Tortilla Bowls and roast vegetables 

Wednesday: Tortellini and Edamame. Easy and fast recipe. 

Thursday: Crock Pot Lasagna

Friday: Pizza night and fruit salad

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