Pesto Pizza with Chicken and Cream Cheese 

I love pizza, yes I do! I love pizza, how about you? I am not overly picky about where my pizza comes from. I just love it.

And this, my friends is my favorite. It's scrumptious, it's easy and on nights when it's hectic and busy and you're running to ALL those Christmas activities this is perfect. 


Need a new hairstyle. Try the Mom Bun *parody


Issie is 6 months old 

My sweet Issie is six months old. I cannot believe this. Cannot believe he has been here for half a year. 



6 Great Christmas Books for Toddlers

We are big readers in this house. We love books, we love reading, we love the library and book swaps and our kindle. We just loves books. 


In the past I have shared our favorite bedtime books

I wanted so share with you six of our favorite Christmas books for toddlers. 


DIY Christmas Ornament Frame with video tutorial 


I love Christmas and I love Christmas decorations, but I DO NOT love broken ornaments. With a two year old and a six month old you can pretty much guarantee that something is going to be torn up, grabbed, snatched or thrown. 

 But, I decided to make this cute ornament display to keep out of grabby little hands.