Meal Plan Monday 10-21-13

Greetings, friends. Did you have a good weekend? We enjoyed some cooler weather with not one but two fall fests this weekend. 

We enjoyed our church fall festival. 

And my husband's company picnic. 

And in case you think Ry never smiles here is a photo to prove he does. Also, yes, he is obsessed with that hat. 

Monday: Red Bean and Quinoa Burritos 

Tuesday: World's Easiest Stir Fry 

Wednesday: Cilantro, chicken and rice bowl 

Thursday: Oven Roasted Chicken Leg Quarters and Roast Green Beans 

Friday: Pizza night!

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Entertaining an Infant

Babies are just delightful, aren't they?

Babies are many things.

They are fun (most of the time).

They are charming.

They are delightful.

But they are hard to enterintain. 


Island Pulled Pork Tacos- Recipe Repeat


I literally dreamed up this recipe once. I had a dream I was standing in my kitchen pulling pulled pork out of my crock pot. I made the entire taco in my dream and when I woke up I told my husband about it.

Is that strange to dream of food? Don't answer that.



Five Week Night Meals for the Tired and Busy

My little ones are still little. Very little. I still have two under to (for the next month!). But our weeks still manage to get busy. 

I know that many of you have growing children, work full time, have a long list of organizations you volunteer with etc. etc. So I thought I would share with you five of my favorite budget and family-friendly weeknight meals. 


The Waking Dad- A Preview