DIY Chalkboard Lap Desk for Under $2 

My son loves chalk, magnets and playing. So I wanted to put together something that combined these three things.

Since everything chalkboard is all the rage, I thought I would share with you guys how I put together this DIY chalkboard lap desk. 

It cost me less than $2 and took just minutes to make. 




The gift of food- FREE Printable Gift Tag

So Christmas is coming on us fast. FAST! Five weeks fast! 

I believe that a thoughtful gift matters. Even if you're living on a tight budget and you find yourself holiday gift giving on a tight budget, you can still give a thoughtful gift... food! Everyone loves a savory or sweet treat and there is nothing lingering around in March, taking up space on the coffee table or shoved into the back of the closet. 


Ranch Shrimp 

I love shrimp. Love, love, love it. It's one thing I like about living so close to the gulf. Shrimp!

I was hankering for some shrimp Friday night. So I decided to go to my easiest shrimp recipe ever. This is even easier then my Idiot Proof Shrimp.


The Trainer


Creative ways to display photos 

Ever since my sweet Ry started going to nursery school two days a week he has been bringing home the cutest art work. And I can not and will not bring myself to throw it away. So I have been finding creative ways to display it.