Easiest Stir Fry Ever

Need a fast, healthy, family-friendly recipe? Try the easiest stir-fry ever. 



Mommy MONDAY: Five Tips for New Mamas

Every mom is an expert after her baby reaches a certain age. Just ask her! But for some reason I seem overwhelming under qualified to share any advice on being a new mom. 

So here are five things I've learned in my first 16 months (today) that might help you. Click here for more. 


Meal Plan Monday 3- 11 -13

Good morning! Did you get up bright and early today or did you curse the loss of an hour and hit the snooze button? I was somewhere in between. 

Here we are on Monday and I got my meal plan rolling! This week (and the next few) I will be planning through the weekend. It looks like March will be a crazy month, with things crammed into each weekend. With only 10 weeks left (aahhhh) until new baby comes I was hoping to have at least one full weekend at home just the three of us, with no parties, events or guests. But that's just not going to happen no matter how hard I try. 

So, here is our Meal Plan Monday. 

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Monday: Lasagna (that I made two weeks ago and froze) with roasted green beans. 

Tuesday: Roast Chicken with Roast Vegetables 

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas made from leftover chicken 

Thursday: Chicken and Vegetable Casserole

Friday: Pizza night and fruit salad

Saturday: Baked Sammies

Sunday: Chicken and Pesto Fettuccini 

For more meal plans check out OrgJunkie





five things never to say to a pregnant woman and one you always should

There is no denying that I am pregnant. My tummy protrudes from my torso like I am smuggling a Christmas ham. My nose and lips have plumped and we won't even get into the size of my rear end!

However, I do get a little tired of hearing all the things people feel obligated to say to pregnant women. I compiled a list of my favorites. 


Three Ingredient Thursday: Perfectly Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Confession: I don't like brussel sprouts. Correction: I didn't think I liked brussel sprouts. 

The problem was I never had brussels sprouts cooked the way I wanted. I had always had them steamed in the bag. I didn't like the flavor or consistency. 

So I took to the Five4Five Facebook page to ask readers how they cooked brussel sprouts. Someone suggested roasting them. Ooohh. That sounds good. I've never met a roast vegetable I didn't like. 

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