Crock pot cream cheese cinnamon rolls

These super easy and super delicious cinnamon rolls are perfect for the busy holiday season. 



Chicken, black bean and quinoa bowl (Video)

This is a great, healthy recipe that is simple, quick and family-friendly. And of course completely customizable. 

A little chicken, a few black beans and some corn. You're good to go! 


I made you something! Printable Meal Planner 

I've decided to take a little break from Meal Plan Monday. 

It's great. And I will still be meal planning, I just won't be sharing it until I come up with a few more fresh ideas. Ones that I have thoroughly tested and vetted and can share with all of you.

But I am vain and I still want to show picture of my cute kids and talk about me. (Seriously, no blogger ever says, "gee I hate talking about myself.)

So I've decided that each Monday I will instead share something with you. And by share I mean share. It's something you can use, print out, look at on your phone, take with you etc. etc. It's my way of giving back to all of you who have blessed my life over the past (almost) two years I have been typing away.

So without further ado.

We talk a lot about meal planning on this blog. Like  How to Meal Plan on a Tight Budget and Five Reasons to Meal Plan

I love technology, I really do. But I also like pen to paper, I feel like when making a list I can really clear my mind better. 

So I made this cute little meal planner for you. You can print it in full color here and because I don't want to kill your color cartridge, black and white here. 

 I hope you will use these and love them. 

 Oh and I thought I would share something funny. I also wanted you to see Ry and Issie's Halloween costumes. They were scarecrows. 

A sad scarecrow. 

And a sleepy scarecrow. 

By the way, the scarecrow is the costume for the exhausted mom. Overalls and some liquid eyeshadow and you're off to hunt down some Skittles. 

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The Waking Dad

Our sweet Issie still doesn't sleep through the night. And it's starting to wear on my sweet husband. 


Five Months Old 

My sweet Issie is five months old and boy have things changed!