Five Months Old 

My sweet Issie is five months old and boy have things changed!


Creamy Peanut Butter Apple Dip 

It's apple season!!! I love apples. I really do. I miss living in Northwest Georgia where apples are abundant. 

And now that Honey Crisps are in season... ahhhhhh!!!!

My sweet boy loves apples too. So I wanted to make a dip he could eat with his apples as a meal. 


I never considered myself a baker. It wasn't something I enjoyed doing, in fact it kind of stressed me out. Too much chemistry involved!

But then I realized, just like cooking, how therapeutic baking could be, especially when coming up with new recipes or new takes on old ideas. 

Have you ever put pudding in a cookie? Oh my goodness! It makes them so moist and delicious! Sunday afternoon I decided to do a little baking and came up with this little gem. It's a triple chocolate pudding cookie!


Toddler-Friendly Apple and Banana Muffins (video) 

My little guy loves bananas, apples and mini muffins. I decided to make him a delicious, healthy muffin with both bananas and apples. 

I thought that I would make a healthy snack that he could take to nursery school or eat for breakfast. These are a great, super healthy, toddler friendly snack or meal.



Our Fall Family Fun To Do 2013 (free printable) 

I read somewhere that there are only 900 some odd weekends for a child from birth to high school graduation. That got me thinking... maybe I should make some plans to make some plans. So I decided to make a list of things I want to do and not just a list of things I need to do. 

So I made "Our Family Fall To Do."