Buffalo Chicken Dip, nothing fake about it

Are you ready for some football? Football and I are not friends. But I am sure my husband cares. So I should probably make him some buffalo chicken dip. 


cowboy Chicken

This is a great recipe for fall. I made it last year and it was big hit. It's perfect for those busy days when everyone is running 1,000 different directions, but you still want to anchor them all to the dinner table. 

A little chicken, some corn, blackbeans and tomatoes. Cowboy Chicken!



Spaghetti Squash Casserole 

If there is one thing Jason loves it's hash brown casserole. When he was a kid he mowed lawns for the little old ladies at his church. He had one favorite little old lady because she made him hash brown casserole. 

It's still his favorite. But it's really unhealthy and we are in a continuing quest to make healthier decisions around here. 


First Baby vs. Second Baby


Five4Five Resources and It's nice to meet you!

Hi! I'm Lydia and this is Five4Five! That's how I start each one of my cooking shorts on my cooking YouTube Channel

Did you know we do a cooking show? Right now the videos are few and far between but yes, we do a cooking show. And we do funny shorts all about our hilarious life as parents to two boys on our second channel, A Multitude of Senns

I've been so fortunate to see this blog really blossom and grow over the past 18 months and I am thrilled to have worked with some great partners and made some wonderful new friends. 

Since there are SO many new readers I thought I would show you around here. 

What is Five4Five?

The concept is simple. Meals that feed a family of four for less than $5 a person. My cooking videos are only five minutes long, so that shows you how fast you can throw together a healthy and frugal meal. 

Each recipe can be found in the recipe book and in the "free stuff" section you can find a free ebook I put together "Family Friendly Meals in A Flash."

You will also find some great printables in that section as well. 

Who is Lydia?

I am Lydia. Lydia Senn to be exact. I love Jesus and my husband and my two boys. 

I write about them often here

I also run a business, which I also write about.


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