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I have been running this blog for about 18 months now ( a little less actually) and I have loved every second of it. Okay, nearly every second of it. 

My favorite thing has been sharing fast, frugal family-friendly meals with all of you. I even put together a free ebook with some of my favorite recipes that I developed or tweaked in my home kitchen. 

You will find over 100 recipes here. Ranging form healthy options, to dessert, to comfort food (that's absolutely NOT healthy). 

All of these recipes follow my cooking philosophy: It doesn't have to be hard, it doesn't have to take a lot of time to cook your family a meal from scratch. No crazy, sexy ingredients. Just life from your kitchen. 



Meal Plan Monday June 24

It's Meal Plan Monday and I am back on track. I had a baby so I kind of took a break from meal planning while we ate out of our freezer. Freezer cooking: Learn to love it! 

But here we go, back in the swing of things. Ha! I laugh at that because my life feels very much like I am being dragged behind a boat by the seat of my big ol' mama britches. 

Monday: French Onion Pot Roast  - made in the crock pot with a salad made from our garden!! 

Tuesday: Crock Pot Fajitas. I will share this recipe. 

Wednesday: Creamy Sausage and Tortellini  and a fresh fruit salad. 

Thursday: Baked Sandwiches (Turkey and Provolone) fresh fruit salad 

Friday: Pizza night!

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Lemon Blueberry Poundcake Cupcakes

Lemons, blueberries, pound cake... who could ask for anything more?

Saturday Beardface and I went on a date. On our way home we stopped in a local cupcake shop and picked up a cupcake. I got a blueberry. It was delicous, but I kept thinking as I ate it, "I could make this." And I did.

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The 'Oh My Goodness' Make You Cry Burger

My husband grills the best and I mean best burgers. You would be hard pressed to find a better burger and I have had a lot of delicious restaurant burgers.
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Jason's Amazin' Onion Straws

Saturday night Jason got a hankering for onion straws. So he loaded our big boy into the car and headed for the Farmer's Market.

He came home with two, gorgeous onions and an idea. The results were life changing!

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