5 ways to encourage a new mom

I recently received an unexpected blessing from a fellow mom. How are some ways we can all encourage new moms? Click here for more


Finding Contentment Everyday

A few weeks ago I wrote about peace in contentment. I've found myself increasingly frustrated and overwhelmed by the rental house where we are living. 

Last night I began a pity party. I couldn't sleep. I made a list of things I have to be thankful for. Click here for more. 


Meet the Sponsor: Miss AE Boutique and an exciting giveaway

I am excited to introduce our March sponsor: Miss AE Boutique. It is the cutest online custom clothing boutique. 

I am doubly excited because I actually know Jennifer, the brains and hands behind Miss AE Boutique. I have known her for (gasp) 16 years! Wow, we are getting up there. 

Jennifer makes really adorable custom clothing and accessories for boys and girls. Everything from dresses to bathing suits to Jonjons. And she even makes some cute things for Mom. That dress she is wearing in that photo, yeah, she made that. 

Like a lot of us she is a mom and a small business owner. 

She started her business with her kids in mind. But it was kind of something she fell into when she began making pillow case dresses for her daughter out of vintage and antique pillow cases. 

"I "opened" in July of 2011 when Annie Elizabeth (the AE in my business name) was a baby. I had started making her pillowcase dresses and posting them on Facebook just so my friends and family could see what I had been doing. Then-one day I got an offer for one-and then it's all history  I LOVE to make things for my children. I love to make things that I know will make them happy."

She says her oldest, Jack, lights up every time she makes him something new.

"I also love to make things for other children. It's so rewarding to see them in their nice portraits wearing the clothes that I have made. So neat!!"

Her most popular item as of right now is the peasant style dresses for the little girls.  But her favorite-and most beautiful-thing to make are the pillowcase dresses that are made out of antique pillow cases.

"Every single one is different but all of them are gorgeous."

You can visit her on her website or Facebook page.  

Beginning Monday Jennifer will be giving away a custom bag. Readers will have the opportunity to win this adorable bag in whatever color and monogram they want. How nice is that?

So check back Monday when the giveaway begins! 



A few months back I posted three recipes I made from one roast chicken. Well, I've done it again! This time I made videos to show you what I did. Click here for more. 



Thoughts from the comfy chair: He is still a baby