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Lessons Learned from Tinker Bell

Today Jennifer from Everyday Life is guest posting while I am on maternity leave. 

I have never been a fan of Tinker Bell. In Peter Pan she comes across as ill-tempered, spoiled, jealous and vindictive. So what lessons could we possibly learn from this little "tinker"? I promise, there is one really good one that I have taken away (after having watched it 600 times thanks to my 3 year old pixie).

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Meet our beautiful boy

We have a new, sweet baby boy. He is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy that our family of three is now a family of four. We are now a multitude of Senns. 

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Get over $300 in savings from the Home Depot, plus a chance at $1,000 gift card

I've had so much fun writing about our Spring vegetable garden. I was so blessed to get to work with the Home Depot. 
Now they want to give you a little something- the chance to win a $1,000 gift card when you sign up for their Garden Club email list. 

Just for signing up you will get $5 off your next $50 lawn and garden purchase.
Plus you will receive over $300 in annual email savings, lots of  project ideas, how-to videos, expert advice from the team at The Home Depot, customized to your region of the country.
Plus you (and me) could win a $1,000 gift card from the Home Depot.
I know you could use that! 

Sensory Play: Playing with Ice

Hi! I'm Sarah from Spoon Fed Baby! I blog about homemade baby food, play time ideas, and surviving motherhood. I am thrilled to be guesting for Lydia as she welcomes her new sweet baby!

Heelllooooo summer!!!! I am over the top in love with summer (especially with a toddler in the house) because it means that we can get out of these four walls! Here in MI spring flirted with us for quite a while and it seemed to be taking forever to get here. So yeah, I'm ready for warm, sunny, summer-y days!

vacation with a baby

I have a almost 2 year old that is a bouncy, curious, giggly boy that we call P-buddy over at my blog. We have done the whole spectrum of inside winter activities from sink sensory bins too cool whip bath times, that it is finally time to take our play outside!! One thing that I am excited to bring into our play this summer is ice! It's the perfect sensory experience for little hands AND it's a great way to keep cool in the heat.

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A Meater-vention

This guest post was written by Alyssa Noel, a DIY fanatic, lover of wine, and virtual assistant. She writes about all things DIY, musings, recipes, and daily adventures over at her blog. If you would like to see what else she has to say on food, life, small business tips, and more, follow her on Twitter.

We have all seen the out-of-control prices of meat lately. I am sure that you have heard “Meatless Monday” at least somewhere on the internet. I like to promote this for a plethora of reasons, but it’s hard to deny that it will give your grocery budget a little extra breathing room.

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