Flax Seed Pesto

I love pesto. But I have always been a little intimidated to make it. It never seemed to turn out the way I wanted it to. 

I have been attempting to cook a little bit heart healthier. (Baby steps, my friend, baby steps.) I have a whole canister of flax seeds and earlier this spring I planted a ton of basil

Did you know you can sub out nuts in pesto for flax seeds? Well you do now! And it tastes great. 

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Meal Plan Monday On a Tuesday Sept 3.

  Welcome to Tuesday! Did everyone have a good long weekend. We went all over the state of Alabama to visit family and friends. 

A total of 12 hours in the car with a 21 months old and 13 week old. I don't recommend it. Seriously. Mama needs a donut. 

But man I have cute boys. 

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So, on to this weeks MPM!


Tuesday: Easy Stir Fry

Wednesday: Cilantro Chicken Rice Bowl 

Thursday: Chicken Fiesta Burritos 

Friday: Pizza

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Are you living with an infant?



Happy Labor Day

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Labor Day and that you're enjoying a much needed break with family and friends.

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Sweet baby is three months old 

My sweet baby is three months old! Can you believe it? I can't. Everyone warned me that time flies even faster than with the first. I didn't beleive them. I want to slow down. I want my babies to stay little just a day or so longer.

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