Super Gentle, Reusable Baby Wipes

Both my babies have really sensitive skin. That's one of the reasons I chose to cloth diaper my older son. And when Little Bit gets to be about two- three months old I will start cloth diapering him too. 

But right now he seems to have a MAJOR sensitivity to baby wipes. Even the hypo allergenic, unscented baby wipes. He just screams and screams when I clean his little hiney. It's sad. 

SO I made him some Super Gentle, Reusable Wipes. Easy as pie! Click here for more. 


Apple Pie Crisp Crumble

Confession. This was supposed to be an apple pizza. You know the beautiful kind with a buttery crust and caramel drizzeld on top? But then when I went to serve the pizza, it fell apart. 

When life gives you broken dessert pizza, make apple crumble! Click here for more. 


Ham and Cheese Muffins  

Have you ever had a ton of leftover ham? I did after Easter. I thought we would be eating ham for a year! But then I came up with these delicious Ham and Cheese Muffins. Click here for more


Lessons Learned from Tinker Bell

Today Jennifer from Everyday Life is guest posting while I am on maternity leave. 

I have never been a fan of Tinker Bell. In Peter Pan she comes across as ill-tempered, spoiled, jealous and vindictive. So what lessons could we possibly learn from this little "tinker"? I promise, there is one really good one that I have taken away (after having watched it 600 times thanks to my 3 year old pixie).

Click here for more. 


Meet our beautiful boy

We have a new, sweet baby boy. He is absolutely gorgeous and I am so happy that our family of three is now a family of four. We are now a multitude of Senns. 

Click here for more.