Meal Plan Monday Sept. 16

Hi! What are you up to on this Monday morning? 

We spent our weekend just having fun. We had a playdate, watched football, went to church and lunch at my Mama's. 

That's a good weekend!

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What's coming up on Five4Five Meals this week:

So, on to this weeks MPM!

Monday: Mac and Cheese made from leftover cheese dip

Tuesday: Baked Sandwiches and Salad 

Wednesday: Creamy Sausage Shells

Thursday: Hamburger Pie 

Friday: Pizza night! 

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Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla 

I feel like I have accidentally done a small series on things to make with buffalo sauce and chicken. Let's see there's been dip, mac and cheese and enchiladas. And now quesadillas. I promise I will stop. 

As you know I love working with leftovers and I had every intention of making quesadillas. Just regular olquesadillas. Boring!

So why not ad a little buffalo sauce and a healthy portion of blue cheese? 


Streusel Filled Pumpkin Muffins 

It's almost fall!! And in South Alabama that means nothing. It was 90 today. We will pull out sweaters out of giant plastic bins sometime Mid October and wear them for three hours before sweat overtakes us. But we still pretend it's Autumn and cook til our hearts content. 

I made these muffins last week. They were a big hit. They actually came about by freak accident. I had intended to make a streusel topping, but I made it too dense and it sunk into the muffin. BEST. ACCIDENT. EVER. 


Breakin' It: Toddler Style