Double Chocolate Bourbon Brownies


We're not drinkers in this house. In fact the reason this recipe came about was because the same bottle of bourbon had been taking up space in our fridge for three years. Yes, three years! I think we bought it so my husband could make a marinade.

We are more about chocolate than liquor. In other words I would rather eat my alcohol, not drink it. So what to do? Make brownies. Duh!

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Quinoa, apple and kale salad- fancy!

I love apples. I love kale. I love quinoa. Why not put them in a salad?!?

I do love kale I have made kale chips and I have made pasta with kale. But what about just raw kale? Yup, that's good too?

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Brown sugar shrimp

I really love shrimp. They are so easy to just throw in the pan or the oven and then you have meal.

I love coming up with new combinations for simple dinners that seem fancy.

A couple weeks ago I made these garlicy, brown sugar shrimp. It took about 10 minutes from top to bottom and they were great.
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Meal Plan Monday July 8

Did everyone have a good long weekend? Man it was nice to have Jason home for four days straight. He works hard. And a lot. For example:

Here is a photograph of my husband working in the delivery room while we waited for Little Bit to be born. (But I took the photo, so it wasn't too intense a situation.)

But here we are jumping right back into Meal Plan Monday. 

Monday: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches in my slow cooker

Tuesday: Chicken and Roast Vegetables  

Wednesday: Tortellini, sausage and edamame 

Thursday: Easy Pork Chops 

Friday: Pizza night!

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Little Bit- One Month Old

My sweet boy turned one month last week on June 27. I took photos of our first little boy, almost daily. But I did a terrible job taking monthly photos and keeping track of his changes from month to month. 

I am trying a little harder this time. 

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