Brown sugar shrimp

I really love shrimp. They are so easy to just throw in the pan or the oven and then you have meal.

I love coming up with new combinations for simple dinners that seem fancy.

A couple weeks ago I made these garlicy, brown sugar shrimp. It took about 10 minutes from top to bottom and they were great.
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Meal Plan Monday July 8

Did everyone have a good long weekend? Man it was nice to have Jason home for four days straight. He works hard. And a lot. For example:

Here is a photograph of my husband working in the delivery room while we waited for Little Bit to be born. (But I took the photo, so it wasn't too intense a situation.)

But here we are jumping right back into Meal Plan Monday. 

Monday: BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches in my slow cooker

Tuesday: Chicken and Roast Vegetables  

Wednesday: Tortellini, sausage and edamame 

Thursday: Easy Pork Chops 

Friday: Pizza night!

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Little Bit- One Month Old

My sweet boy turned one month last week on June 27. I took photos of our first little boy, almost daily. But I did a terrible job taking monthly photos and keeping track of his changes from month to month. 

I am trying a little harder this time. 

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Triple Chocolate Pudding Cookies

I never considered myself a baker. It wasn't something I enjoyed doing, in fact it kind of stressed me out. Too much chemistry involved!

But then I realized, just like cooking, how therapeutic baking could be, especially when coming up with new recipes or new takes on old ideas. 

Have you ever put pudding in a cookie? Oh my goodness! It makes them so moist and delicious! Sunday afternoon I decided to do a little baking and came up with this little gem. It's a triple chocolate pudding cookie!

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Frozen Lemonade in the Ice Cream Maker

What is it about summer that makes you just want to sip a lemonade? Today the heat index is 105. Yup! 105! And I am hankering for not just a lemonade, but the frozen variety.

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