Sauces at home save cents 

Do you love a good sauce? I love pasta sauce, dipping sauces and sauces for my tacos. But I am not about to shell out big bucks for a bottle of fancy sauce to put on a fish taco!

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Making mixes for soup, salad dressing and sauces at home

Those seasoning packets for tacos, Italian sauces and salad dressings sure are convenient. But the cost adds up fast. Why would I buy a $1 per packet of taco seasoning when I can make my own for pennies?

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Meal Plan Monday 3-8-13 and back in the swing of things

Hellllllooooo! It's been quite a few days. After being sent to the hospital for dehydration after coming down with a stomach flu I think I am back. I think. Don't hold me to anything. I'm still exhausted, sore and feeling puny. But we shall move forward. 

So, here is our Meal Plan Monday. We're keeping it simple. And I admit I could very well end up sitting on the couch while my husband eats frozen waffles. What? 

Monday: Cheesy Cornbread 

Tuesday: Sausage and Tortellini 

Wednesday: Chicken Rice Bowls in the crock pot

Thursday: Chicken tacos. 

Friday: Pizza night and fruit salad

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How I've spent my Thursday

I woke up Wednesday feeling ick. But it took several hours for me to start getting sick.
Boy it was bad. I couldn't keep down water. So at 11 p.m. Jason put me in the car and drove me to the ER.
I was severely dehydrated and as a result having mild contractions. It was all scary.
But I've had this old children's song in my head the whole time. "My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there's nothing my God cannot do..."
I'm okay and the baby is great and will "cook" a little longer. I'm reminded that God is good. Now, if only we could get released so I can go home!


A little reminder that you are special

"I am 100 percent me and that is something no one else will ever be!"