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Happy Mother's Day


BAby Beach Gear and Ideas 

It's officially beach season down here in South Alabama. Well, it's been beach season for a couple months. But before you get jealous remember we have EPIC humidity. 


But I've learned over the past year there are a few things a baby needs when going to the beach or the pool. 

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Crafting in 15: No sew reupholstery

I am in full nursery decorating mode, which is good considering my due date is like a week away.

Before my husband and I got married he inherited this gliding rocker from his grandmother. I love it, but the fabric is... well... ugly. 

I decided to give it a little update for baby's room. But there is just one problem. I DON'T SEW. At all! Thank heaven for staple guns!

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put Chuck to Work, Getting all the Bang for Your Ground Beef  

Let's face it meat is expensive. Remember when you could get ground beef for $.99 a pound? Yeah, neither do I. What's a good price for ground beef? Who knows anymore?

Personally I could go months without meat, but my husband I think would wander into the woods to find a wild animal to kill with his bare hands after about three days.

SO many recipes call for a pound of ground beef. Ummm…. Not so fast. Let’s say we go halvsies on this one.

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Spring Gardening with The Home Depot 

It’s a beautiful sunny day in South Alabama. The grass looks lush and the high is in the 70’s. It’s the perfect day to get outside and dig around in the dirt. Let’s #DigIn.

After planning our trip to the Home Depot and going to pick up all of our plants Jason and I were eager to get them in the ground.

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