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Downsizing and Simplifying

Today we have a guest post from Jennifer at Another Chance, Another Day

There is nothing like moving to make you take serious inventory of how much STUFF you have. There's nothing like moving 3 times in 3 years, 2 times within the same year, to make you swear that you are tossing everything you own and living with 5 shirts, 5 pants and 5 pairs of underwear and maybe some socks for the days you can't wear flip flops. That was us - only I am sad to say that I still own WAY more than 5 pairs of anything and a couple of days this winter so far, I've been extremely grateful for my socks.

In 2008 we moved a couple hours away for my husband to attend grad. school. His plans included a PhD. God's plan and my sanity stopped him after his Master's. While we were there we were blessed with a baby and the ability to afford a second house while someone rented our first home. After almost a year and a half in our neighborhood, our house was burglarized. We added a security system, we had a dog but the security just wasn't there. I was battling postpartum depression unbeknownst to me so there was nothing much my husband could do or say other than, "Let's get out of here" that would fix my anxiety. In 2011 we packed up everything we didn't deem necessary and put it in storage. We moved into a 2-bedroom apartment with a 6 month lease to take the opportunity to decide where God would have us go next.

The day we were moving in to the apartment, Rob received a call from his now employer offering him a job. It was in the same place he had been before the move for school, just a different department. God started paving the way back "home" and I made the decision that we were going to minimize our lifestyle. I will just tell you now that minimizing is a process that will probably take me my entire life. Six months of apartment living was the swift kick my tail needed to start that process.
 With 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and a kitchen area the size of the bathroom, we functioned fairly well, all things considered. I can't think of too many instances either of us thought, "Man, I really wish I had ___."

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