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Easy, Cheesy Ham and Spinach Quiche

Is there anything easier, more delicious and more economical than making a quiche with leftovers?

Last night I made this easy, cheesy ham and spinach quiche. It's quick to throw together and is pretty economical. Some eggs, spinach, a little cheese and leftover ham. You can't go wrong with that. 

Click here for more. 


Easy, Mess Free Homemade Pizza Crust

I love homemade. I love cooking from scratch. I love simple ingredients. I do not love working with pizza dough. 

I hate it. I am not a huge fan of making bread either. It's the kneading and the flouring. It just frustrates me and consumes so much time.

And how much are you really saving if something takes up that much of your time? 

But, my sweet mother-in-law got me a food processor for Christmas. Did you know you can make pizza dough in that thing??? Click here for more. 


Three Ingredient Pineapple Ugly Cake

Cake mix, a can of fruit and a little butter. Dessert in a pinch!


Pepper Sausage Bake - Mama and Baby in the Kitchen

It's hot. So hot and it's only March. So that means it's only going to get hotter in Alabama. Why am I complaining now? I should reserve my complaints for August, right? This is a quick, easy and simple meal that requires few ingredients.





Polka Dot Blondie

Delicous, moist, chocolatey goodness. With whole wheat flour. That's healthy... right? For a recipe for polka dot blondies... click here.