5 Minute Upcycled Magnet Frame

Do you ever see something and think- Okay, I can totally make (fill in the blank) with that? 

Yeah. Me too. 

Last week Jason's aunt sent a box of stuff to our house. She is a school teacher and her school was getting rid of a ton of books, toys and organizational bins and baskets. As I was going through them I found three random candle lids. 

As soon as I looked at them I thought, "yeah, I can work with this." 

And I knew what I wanted to do. See, I have a lot of photos on my fridge. I like them there. And I have a lot of things I need magnets to hold on my fridge. But I am constantly running out of magnets because I love my photos so much. 

So.... I decided to turn those candle lids into magnet photo frames. Win!

This is what you will need:

a photo


a marker/pen/pencil

a magnet

a candle lid or canning ring, that would work too 

glue stick

hot glue gun

It was really simple. I just traced the lid I was using and then cut the INSIDE portion of the circle. 

Then I used my glue stick to glue the photo to the lid. Then I hot guled a magnet to the lid. 

Bing. Bang. Boom! 

This would make a great gift for someone and costs pennies to make. For me it was virtually free because I already had all I needed. But you could easily make this as a gift for someone for less than a dollar. 

That was it!

What easy DIY's have you done lately?  


DIY Wall Decals

Every day for the past 13 months I have walked into Issie's room and stared at a blank, boring wall. 

The walls in our (rental) house are stucco or wood paneling. Both are a decorating nightmare. And while I am not really a decoraitng type lady, I just couldn't stand the site of that horrid wall anymore. 

You might remember that last year I wrote about his room and the farm theme we went with. But, I couldn't figure out waht to do with the walls, because nothing would stick and we couldn't drill into the wall or use nails. 

I even tried using velcro to hand a picture clip and it just fell off the wall!

But last week it hit me! I had a bunch of fabric leftover from when I made curtains and recovered an old gliding rocker why not adhere that fabric to the wall?!?!

SO I made homemade decals using just fabric and spray adhesive.

I picked up this adhesive at Hobby Lobby. It was with the rest of the glue way in the back of the store. 

You can get a good idea from the rocker, what the fabric looked like. I just cut out the shapes of various animals and of course the barn and trees. 

Then I just sprayed the adhesive directly to the wall and stuck the fabric up there. 

The farbic will peel off the wall without damaging it and I can just clean off the sticky residue with soap and water. 

That's it. Easy as pie!

What are some tips you have for deocating an ulgy wall? 


Organizing my gift wrapping supplies… for free

So a few weeks ago when I was decluttering I decided to take on my gift wrapping drawer. 

I keep all of our supplies such as tape, paper, bags and tissue in a drawer under the television. And that drawer got a little out of hand. 

That is all the junk I threw out. Yeah, I know. 

The drawer desperately needed to be handled and I was a little unsure how to organize it. I really dislike the idea of going to the store, even the Dollar Tree, and buying things to organize with. 

So I just walked around my house looking for items I could use. 

I found a small plastic bin in the playroom and used it to organize cards, envelopes, address labels and stationary.

Then I found the basket that a house plant came in and used it to organize ribbons, bows and gift tags. 

The drawer has stayed pretty well in tact. As you can see I also use it to hold shipping tools for when I sell things I no longer want on Amazon and eBay or ship books through PaperBackSwap.

It took me all of five minutes to organize and it felt so good tackling something like this. Especially since organization does NOT come naturally to me. 

Have you organized lately? 


Coffee Coconut Sugar Scrub

I love body scrubs. They feel so luxurious and refreshing and usually smell amazing. But they can be pricey. So I learned how to whip up my own coffee body scrub. It's a great exfoliate, and is supposed to be good for cellulite. 

This recipe contains sunflower oil and coconut sugar. (Note: those are affiliate links. Please read my disclosure policy here

To get started you will:

About 1 cup coffee grounds (wet)

2-4 table spoons sunflower oil 

1/2 cup - 1 cup coconut sugar

Combine the coffee and oil and stir. Then combine your sugar. You might want to add more or less oil depending on the consistency you desire. 

Store in a sealed container in your shower. 

Do you make any beauty products at home? Leave me a comment below! 



Easy Handprint Tile Coasters

A few weeks ago we were visiting my mother-in-law when I noticed she didn't have any coasters. I decided to whip her up a few using some craft paint, tile and the cutest little artists in town. 

To get started you will need:

four tiles (these were four inch by four inch tiles) these can be purchased VERY cheeply at your local hardware store

craft pain

sponge brush

mod podge

something to use as backing like moleskin, cork or furniture pads

I had Ry and Issie paint the tile with their sweet little hand and thumb prints. 

I then baked them in the oven for 30 minutes at 350. Let them cool completely before brushing them with Mod Podge to seel them shut. Then I added the backing. 

Then I wrapped them up with some lace and presented them to my mother-in-law. It was a big hit! 

These make a great inexpensive handmade Mother's Day gift that kids can make. 

What are some sweet DIY projects your kids have made? 

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