Last Minute Christmas Ideas: Mason Jar Tumbler How TO (Video)


Christmas is a little more than a week away. Did you just panic? You panicked didn't you? Calm down. Deep breaths. It's okay. 

Today I wanted to share with you a really simple and super inexpensive DIY Christmas gift. The Mason Jar Tumbler...

I first shared this idea over a year ago. But it remains one of the most searched items on this blog and I wanted to share it again and talk about some ways to gift it this year for Christmas. 

Click here for step by step instructions or watch my cutie husband make on in this video.  

There are several reasons I love to make and give these tumblers. 

1. They are very inexpensive. They cost less than $2 each to make. 

2. They are eco friendly. You can reuse an old canning lid that can't be resealed and would probably just get thrown out. 

3. They are practical and people love them. People really do. If you use the jelly jar size then they fit into a standard cup holder. (Affiliate link, click here to read my disclosure policy.)

Here are some ideas on how to gift a tumbler. 

Fill them with drink mixes or tea bags. 

If the person you are giving this to loves a particular drink mix like lemonade then fill the jar with those mixes. 

Use it to give a gift card. 

I love getting gift cards, don't you? But I hate just handing one over. I like to jazz it up with something like a tumbler or another small, inexpensive gift to go with it. It feels more personal this way. 

You could also fill the jars with candy, beauty samples or put a piece of jewelry in it. 

The sky is the limit. 

What are some of your last minute gift ideas? 


DIY Christmas Ornament Frame with video tutorial 

I love Christmas and I love Christmas decorations, but I DO NOT love broken ornaments. With a two year old and a six month old you can pretty much guarantee that something is going to be torn up, grabbed, snatched or thrown. 

There really isn't a way to child proof Christmas decorations other than just keeping them out of reach. This year we decided to go with a small, potted, tabletop tree. 

But I still have some ornaments I want to display that I don't want broken. 

So I decided to paint a cheap frame red and hang the ornaments from the frame. It was super simple, the frame cost me a whole $.25 at my local thrift store and I used things I already had lying around the house. 

It was insanely easy and took just three steps. 

1. Paint a frame or take the backing off a frame you already like. 

2. Hand your ornaments at varying lengths. 

3. Tie on a BIG bow. 


This would also be a great way to display heirloom ornaments or you could paint it blue or pink (or use a blue or pink frame) and hand a baby's first Christmas ornament. 

Are you doing any Christmas crafting?


DIY Chalkboard Lap Desk for Under $2 

My son loves chalk, magnets and playing. So I wanted to put together something that combined these three things.

Since everything chalkboard is all the rage, I thought I would share with you guys how I put together this DIY chalkboard lap desk. 

It cost me less than $2 and took just minutes to make. 

Here is a video tutorial. 

Clearly it was a hit with my toddler. Ry LOVES it. (Although I have had to convince him not to stand on it.) 

What you'll need:

1 metal tv dinner tray (I purchased mine at the thrift store for $1.50 each.)

a little chalkboard paint. 

Clean off your tray with a rag. 

Crack open your paint.

Cover with a couple coats of chalkboard paint. Let them dry in between. (It looks like a lot of paint in the picture. I assure you it looks like more than it was.)

Disclosure: I didn't totally factor in the cost of pain because I bought a can of chalkboard paint almost 2 years ago for about $9 and I still haven't used the entire can. I have more than half of it left and I have painted EVERYTHING with chalkboard paint. 

This is a great, inexpensive gift for a child or toddler and it is very simple to put together. 

What are some DIY gifts you've made recently? 

Today I am hopping at Romance on a Dime. Come check out Betsy and all her great ideas. 


A creative way I display my son's art work 

Ever since my sweet Ry started going to nursery school two days a week he has been bringing home the cutest art work. And I can not and will not bring myself to throw it away. So I have been finding creative ways to display it. 

Does anyone remember in the early 2000's when every girl had a poster of "Starry Night" in her dorm room? Was it just me?

Well, I really have no need for that poster anymore.  So I used the frame to display Ry's super cute artwork including his hand and foot prints. 

I laid the artwork out along the back of the fram and filled in the gaps with cards and notes he has gotten for his birthdays. 

Then I popped the frame back on and hung it on the wall. 

How do you display your toddler/child's art? 


Bath Bomb DIY with free gift tag printable (DIY gift under $1)

Christmas is just six weeks away! (Give or take...) I don't know about you, but I could use the gift of relaxation. Wouldn't it be nice to give the gift of relaxation? Well you can. I made this bath bombs last week and they were the bomb dot com. (Forgive my late 1990's humor.) 
These homemade bath bombs require minimal effort and are just as good as bath bombs from places like Lush, for a fraction of the cost. I made 24 mini bath bombs and 10 full size bath bombs for around $8. Yup, a DIY gift under $1 each.
Plus, I made you a little gift tag you can print to give your own bath bombs. 
What you'll need:
2 cups baking soda
1 cup corn starch
1 cup citric acid (this is an affiliate link. Please read my disclosure policy for more info)
5 drops essential oil
3 tsp olive oil, or coconut oil, or sunflower oil
2-5 drops food coloring (optional!)
spray bottle with water
Step 1. Combine your dry ingredients and stir. 
Step 2. Next add your essential oils and oil (like evoo, sunflower or coconut) and stir. 
Then add your food coloring if so desired. 
Give everything another stir. 
Step 3. Next, spray the mix with your water until it feels like wet sand.
Then mix with your hands. 
Use a mold or your hands to form to desired shape. 
Let sit for a couple days. 


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