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Simple skillet vegetables and rice, my new favorite comfort food

I love simple. I love flavorful. I love comfort foods. 

And this recipe is all three. 

Over the weekend my mother-in-law was in town. Jason and I were cooking her dinner when I was coming up with a side dish. 


A challenge: Fill your local food pantry for just $5! 

Today I am taking things in a different direction... I am not talking about cooking, or children (mine at least) or saving money (although we will talk about that.) 

Today I want to talk about something very serious and what WE can all do to help. 

School has started. I see the children on the school bus and I know that many of them will go home to a house with no food. Thankfully they are getting a hot lunch and (most of the time) breakfast at school, but there is not supper for many of these children. There is no food on the weekend. They are hungry. And these families are my neighbor. 

I live in Alabama, where 17.9 percent of the population is "food insecure." This means they do not know from day to day if there will be enough food to feed their families. (source)

They are your neighbor. And very easily these families could be you. 

In 2012 15.9 MILLION children in the United States lived in a home that was food insecure. (source

How on earth is a child supposed to go to school and learn if he or she is hungry? And how on earth will they concentrate when they live in a home under that kind of stress? 

But we can help! 

I know that A LOT of you are living on a limited budget. I get that. Trust me. But do you have $5? 

That's all I am asking. And I am issuing you a challenge. I know many of you are coupon queens. So I want you to take just $5 and your coupons and I want to see how far we can stretch that to benifit your local food pantry. 

$5. That's all I am aksing. Every single person who reads this. $5. And if each of you ask 5 people to do the same... wow! What a difference we could make in our own communities through one small act. 

So, get your coupons and your sales flier and your cash and head to the store and see what you can score. 

And I want to see it. 

I've set up a special pin board here. Just email me at five4fivemeals @ gmail .com to join our pin board. Then upload photos of your reciept and your haul. You can also tag me on instagram or twitter and use #fillupyourpantrywith5 

Let's do this. Let's feed our communities. Let's show that we can be generous on a small budget. 

Let's Live a Limitless Life on a Limited Budget! 



Three tips for last minute meal plans

One thing I hear time and time again from a lot of busy moms is that they don't have time to cook. They have jobs and children and spouses and homes to maintain and obligations and it just gets to be too much. The last thing they want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen. 

Got it. I hear you. I do. 

Last week I took a break from meal planning. I realized later that this was a BIG mistake. 


12 books to read to your toddler! 

There is no denying the the benefits of reading to your kids and reading early and often.

Reading fosters brain development and helps children learn to be better readers and enjoy reading as an adult.