No Spend August- Our Second Month-Long No Spending Challenge

A brand new month starts on the end of the week. I don't know why, but I love it when a new month starts on the weekend. It's like you don't have to process as much mental paperwork because it's the weekend. Maybe that's just sign 8,324 that I am strange. 

Starting Friday we are beggining another No Spend Month. For the month of August the Senn Family has committed to not spending money outside of our basic obligations.


Meal Plan Monday July 28

Good morning. Did you dive head first into the week with excitment and abandon? Yeah, me neither. But I did dive head first into a cup of coffee. COFFEEEEEEE!!!!

We had a great weekend. We took our boys to the beach, it was Issie's first time going. (This fact is shameful considering how close we live to the beach.) And we got our chickens and quail. 


Toddlers Make Terrible Coworkers


Jason's Amazin' Onion Straws

There is something so extraordinarily good about living in the south. It's the produce. I think the heat and humidity make for more flavorful produce. 

Have you ever had a Vidalia onion? Seriously! While true Vidalia onion onions come from Vidalia, GA there is a farmer down the road from me who also grows amazing Vidalia onions. They can be procured seven days a week at our local farmer's market. 


Freezer canning tomatoes- as messy as it sounds, cleaner than it looks

Last week I got 25 pounds of tomatoes from the farmer's market. They were only $.40 a pound! What a steal! So I spent last Wednesday canning tomatoes to put in my freezer. I thought I would reshare how I freezer can my tomatoes to have delicious, healthy and cheap tomatoes all year long!