Homemade Pico de Gallo

I have been on a pico de gallo kick latley. I am not sure why. Maybe because it is easy, healthy, fresh and delicous. Oh and I can buy ALL the ingredients from my farmer's market. Locally sourced Pico de Gallo? Yes please!


Easy Taco Roll ups 

Back before our kid days Jason and I used to go to Chili's where I enjoyed the Southwest Chicken Eggrolls. Gimme a second... and let me reflect on that. 

Okay, I am back. I got a hankering for those just the other week, and I decided to put lean ground turkey, corn and blackbeans along with brown rice in a tortilla. It's not an exact replica by a long shot but pair it with my Cilantro Lime Avocado Ranch and it's like a little plate of happiness. 


A budget-friendly Meal Plan Monday $22 for a week's worth of supper!

A few months back I decided to take a break from Meal Plan Monday. And I am still on that break, but I did want to share with you a budget-friendly and reasonably healthy meal plan. 

We indulged over the Easter weekend. There was shrimp boudin, ham, carrot cake, pizza etc. etc. So we really need to eat some good, healthy foods this week. 

All of these meals can be made very inexpensively and quickly and with just a few basic ingredients. And they are, for the most part quick and healthy meals that will feed a family of four! 

This week I challanged myself to bring you a meal plan on a tight budget!

Monday- Meatless Monday Black bean and Brown Rice Casserole. This is an Eat Live Run recipe that I modified. I use my Avocado Lime Ranch dressing instead of guacamole. Final Cost - $2.50 

Tuesday- Grilled Bruschetta Chicken and cucumber salad- later this week I will be sharing my version of this recipe that uses fresh tomatoes that I got from the farmer's market. Final Cost- $6.00

Wednesday- Chicken Fried Rice and fruit salad. Final cost $5

Thursday- Mini vegetable frittatas. I have got to use all those $.99 eggs I got at Target last week! This will use eggs, cheese and lots of vegetables like bell peppers, onions, tomatoes etc. Final cost $3.65

Friday- Mini Egg Plant Pizzas. This is so simple. You just cut an egg plant, pour over some pasta sauce, cover in cheese and pepperoni and you're done! Final cost $4

Total: $21.15

*Almost all of these ingredients were purchased on sale using coupons or purchased at my local farmer's market. So prices in your area will vary greatly. 

Don't forget for meal planning tips and tools pick up a copy of The Poor Girl's Handbook to the Kitchen for just $2.99! It's loaded with tips, tricks, and recipes. 

For more great meal plans hop on over to Org Junkie

What's on your meal plan this week? 


How we negotiated lower cell phone and internet bills! 

Over the weekend I had a guest post over on Money Saving Mom

There are some bills you have no control over, like your electric bill. Yes, you can turn the air conditioner off and not use as many lights, but you are still at the mercy of what the power company charges per KWH.

However, there are some bills you can negotiate down with your service provider.

Last week, my husband called our internet service provider and cell phone carrier to see if we could lower our rates. We have been long-term customers of both and thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what they could do. Two phone calls later and we were saving a little more than $50 a month… and we could all use an extra $600 a year, right?


We paid off $36,000 in debt in two years. 

If I had to describe what it felt like to live with a pile of debt it would be this: like constantly wearing a backpack full of bricks. 

Could you breath with that on your back? Move freely? Rest peacefully? No. You couldn't. 

I know that it isn't polite to talk about money. But I am going to do that today, because I feel like telling our story will encourage some of you.