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Budget-Friendly Back to School Lunch and Outfit 

My sweet boy started back to nursery school yesterday. I can't beleive it!

I know that back to school costs can be expensive. There are supplies, clothes, shoes and lunches. It can all add up. 

I thought I would share our budget-friendly back to school lunch and outfit. 


We save THOUSANDS a year by using our local library 

We live on a budget. Shocking, right? A blog about frugality and we live on a budget??? Who would've guessed?

One of the ways we stay on budget is by using the library! 

Tips for making your first budget

A couple weeks ago I got a message from a reader on my Facebook page. 

I am not going to share the message because some of the details were personal:

But basicaly this sweet young lady was telling me she was about to enter the workforce for the first time. And she was saving up money for college, a car and to get an apartment. 


Freezer Canning Peaches: No blanching, no sugar!

So I like to pretend I am from Georgia. I lived there the first six years of my marriage and I LOVED it. Don't get me wrong, I have come to enjoy living in South Alabama again, but a piece of my heart will always be in Georgia. 

However, I will say, while Georgia claims their peaches are America's best. I have to disagree. Chilton County peaches totally kick Georgia peaches' little peach cheeks. (Peach cheeks. That's adorable.) But I will get more into that later. 


Give yourself permission to slow down


I see you. I see you at the red light, at the bank drive through. I see you at the park with your kids or date night with your wife. I see you as you pull into the church parking lot or into the supermarket. I see you and I see how fast you're rushing things.

I see your desperation as you move from one task to the next at a breakneck speed. Slow down.